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Our Team of experts share a handful of traits that set them apart from the herd: they love Africa, they are well travelled in Africa, and they are very good listeners. To become an Expert, they must grow their specialization one destination at a time. This exacting standard ensures that you can count on quality advice and smart recommendations. They’re also down-to-earth people who are truly committed to giving their clients positively dreamy vacations. Explore our current vacancies to find out how you can become an Africa Safari Expert. (Also we add an imaged of the TEAM)





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A tour through a Chagga village will take you through a coffee plantation and banana beer making, both of which are made entirely by hand. You may also visit a blacksmith to see how tools are built using.

Are you thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro? As the one of best guide service on Kilimanjaro, we provide the ultimate experience for our clients. What makes Ultimate Kilimanjaro® the best operator on Mount Kilimanjaro?



Three Peaks Tanzania safaris were created upon the following motto:” Every safari is Memories of life time. (Come as client live us friends)”. Having said that, we specialize in designing safari itineraries that have fair prices, while not compromising on quality.

If you cannot afford a lodge safari, it does not mean your experience will be less interesting. Why not has the fantastic experience of camping on the Savannah underneath a starry sky? It will provide you with experiences you will never forget. On the other hand, if luxury lodges are what you had in mind, you’ll be happy to know that Tanzania National parks are home to some of the most exquisite and high-end hotels in the World.

Tanzania National parks are home to some of the most exquisite and high-end hotels in the World

Of course, between a camping safari and high end lodges, there are middle term options and every National Park has amazing lodges or tented campsites with an incredible value for money. What we can guarantee is that regardless of the type of safari, you will be charged the fair price, that we will invest in the quality of guides, cars, food, cooks, binoculars, etc, that we will keep our margins as low as we can without having a loss and that 5% of our profits go out to assist children who have no access to educationEvery single Years.

But we are not a typical safari agency. Usually, Tanzanian Safari agencies reduce their prices by reducing the quality of the service. With us, you will have an experienced guide chosen through a careful recruitment process, who will ensure that your safari is not just a tour but a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, a great 4×4 car and delicious personalized food prepared by our cooks, who have attended tourism cooking school in Arusha, far better than the typical lunchboxes usually provided on these tours.

But not only that: We will provide you with many extras that you just would not expect. For example, we will provide you with high-end Nikon binoculars that will make your safari experience much more interesting and exciting. We cannot overstate how much a safari can be enhanced if you can use a pair of high quality binoculars. Every safari is unique for us and you will find details in our service that you just can’t expect from other safari agencies. 

Another thing that makes us unique in this market is that, even though we believe budget Tanzania safaris can have great quality and lots of fun, we don’t think that you must be forced to join a group. In fact, most companies will only offer you good prices if you join a group of people that you don’t know, in order to cramp the car and maximize profit. This can be lots of fun if you’re lucky and like to meet people or it can create problems if you are unlucky or if you prefer to travel alone with your own group (a couple for example).

The problem here is with mentality: Agency owners think that people who want to do private safaris have lots of money and don’t mind being charged an unfair amount of money.

We have created a disruptive business model by offering private Tanzania safaris for rates that are competitive and, most of the times, even lower that what some companies will charge you for a shared Safari of 6 people. Even if you are just a party of two (for folks traveling alone we suggest joining a group, as in this case, it’s impossible to offer competitive rates) we will offer you rates that are typical of shared safaris.

Every safari is unique for us and you will find details in our service that you just can’t expect from other safari agencies.

Regardless of your budget, we can guarantee that the price will be fair and every dollar will be invested in the quality and smoothness of your safari in order to provide you with an experience that just can’t be matched.

Another thing about us we’d like you to know is that part of our profits goes to our local community and to help providing an education to children that have no access to it. For more information, click here.